[dropcaps type=’square’ font_size=’50’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#bca480′ border_color=”]C[/dropcaps]hristmas has come and gone. Although the excitement of the new year is still quite new, the luster of new year’s day is in the past. But, the one “holiday” that I always forget about is the announcement of the Bonnaroo lineup! This summer will mark my sixth visit to the farm in Manchester, Tennessee. Our friends will come into town. We will pack up the car and begin our pilgrimage. This year’s lineup, albeit a lineup different than what I might have expected, looks quite promising. There are several artist that I might not be able to see if it were not on a festival bill. And, honestly, a few artists that I wouldn’t want to pay the money to see them separately, as it might be too expensive.

In no particular order, here are the artists that I am excited to see:
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U2 – It’s fucking U2. Brah, they wrote the Joshua Tree…and Sunday Bloody Sunday.
Red Hot Chili Peppers – I figure this year I might actually watch these guys. I want to watch Flea and Anthony Kids before they’re too old to perform like the old days.
The Weeknd – I mean, his tunes are pretty good. Maybe Daft Punk will make an appearance? 😂
Lorde – She has some catchy tunes too. I kind of want to see her before she gets any bigger or fizzles out. (If that hasn’t happened already. You know kids these days.)
The XX – I’ve heard they are boring as fuck live, but, I still like their first album.
Cage the Elephant – Mainly, I want to see Matt Shultz, and I have missed them at EVERY festival they’ve played.
Marshmello – I love this dude. I will make sure to be NOT sober at this show, but not pass out faded like Chvches last year. Because, missing good music sucks.
Big Gigantic – I haven’t seen these guys live in forever. I saw them open for a few west coast dates when they were opening for Umphrey’s Mcgee and they were awesome. They were also significantly less popular then they are now, so it will be interesting.
Tove Lo – Let’s be honest. I’ll probably watch her performance. Not gonna lie. I’m a sucker for pop music.
Crystal Castles – Done and done.
Umphrey’s McGee – Always a good time at Umphrey’s. I’ve seen the band a heavy handful of times and they always bring it. I AM hoping they play the big stage at dark though. They are not a mid-afternoon time slot band.
Portugal. The Man – Another band that I have been wanting to see live for several years. VERY excited for this one.
Tegan & Sara – Will I watch them? Yes. Am I expecting them to sing on key? No.
Deep Vally – Kind of like a cooler Sheryl Crow mixed with Wolfmother. I’m in.
The Orwells – This band comes up on seriously EVERY playlist I listen to. I finally just started listening to them. It’s awesome. I still think their singer sounds like Jim Morrison.
Snails – Because…party.

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Kaleo – I don’t necessarily agree that these guys are going to save rock/blues, but they aren’t bad. I’ve played most of the tunes on “A/B” at least a few times since it’s release. I’m interested in seeing if they can translate as nicely as the album in a live setting. So, who knows.
Royal Blood – Seriously one of my favorite bands; can’t wait to see them at ‘Roo. I’ve only seen them one time (at Bonnaroo) and it is still on record of being the loudest band I have seen at an outdoor venue. When we were pulling up to the festival the last time they played we could hear them playing at day parking like they were directly next to us in an adjacent parking spot. It was fucking loud. Can’t wait!
Michael Kiwanuka – I have been moderately into this dude’s music for some time. I don’t own any of his albums on analog mediums, but I do like his catalog. Very excited to see him live.
James Vincent McMorrow – Depending on how not sober I am, this could be awesome or sad as fuck. I love this guy, but it’s cerebral music for the most part. If I have a few drinks, might not be something I’m into. We’ll see.
Margo Price – She’s probably our this generations Dolly/Reba. I’ll be there.
Preservation Hall Jazz Band – NOLA. Nuff said.
Greensky Bluegrass – I’ll probably be stoned.
Bad Suns – I mainly just want to see “Cardiac Arrest” live. That songs is catchy as hell.
Mandolin Orange – I am also a sucker for traditional country/folk music. It’s probably my shear love of slide guitars and mandolins.
Noname – She is the most original hip-hop/rap artist I’ve heard in a while. Interested how it translate live.
Léon – Like I said, a sucker for pop music.
San Holo – Aside from having one of the best names in EDM, I can only imagine this will be awesome live.
REZZ – This chick is like if NIN had a baby with Daft Punk by way of Aphex Twin and Kavinsky. Needless to say, it’s good.


And, as of right now, that is my list. I’m sure, based on my previous experiences, I will fall in love with more artists after I give a listen to the singles the Bonnaroo staff has supplied on their Spotify page and on the festival’s website. So, look for more to come. If you want to say hello on the farm, look for the guy partying hard! Peace 😎